Special Events

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Past events with Coastline Tours Tasmania

Coastline Tours Tasmania: Explore North West beauty in comfort aboard our modern 11-seater van. Join guided tours that promise scenic vistas, local treasures, and unforgettable memories.

Christmas Eve Music Festival – Spreyton Cider Co.

The 11th annual live music event at Spreyton Cider Co on Christmas Eve was held on 24 December 2022.

Our adventurers didn’t need to worry about finding a ride or trying to get a lift home to this family-friendly community event. They sat back, relaxed and let Coastline Tours pick them up and take them home! The day was filled with delicious food from local food trucks and live bands throughout the day including Dylan Boys, Mason Waller and Leonard & Tome Bank.

Alchymia Distillery 1st Birthday Celebrations

Coastline Tours was thrilled to be part of Alchymia Distillery’s celebration of their first birthday party on Saturday 21 January 2023! Our adventurers enjoyed a range of Alchymia Distillery’s handcrafted spirits, including whisky, gin, and vodka. And if that wasn’t to their liking – beer, wine and soft drinks were available! The celebration was not complete without live music and our local food trucks to satisfy any food craving. A relaxing, joyful day for those who chose Coastline Tours as we picked them up and took them home!

Discover the world of gin in North West Tasmania with Coastline Tours. Join guided tours that offer a taste of artisanal gins, breathtaking views, and a genuine connection to the region's culture and craftsmanship."
Experience the art of whiskey-making with Coastline Tours in North West Tasmania. Immerse in guided tours that blend local distilleries, stunning landscapes, and the warm hospitality that defines our coastal charm."
Coastline Tours invites you to uncover the secrets of North West Tasmania's gin scene. Join guided tours that showcase local distilleries, scenic wonders, and the vibrant character of our coastal towns, all while indulging in the world of gin