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Experience authentic North West Tasmania

Immerse in tranquillity, savour quality, and truly connect in North West Tasmania, unlike anywhere else. Our rich soil nurtures exceptional produce, while pristine waters reflect untouched beauty. This haven also blooms with vibrant flora throughout the seasons.

A Creative, respectful Community

At Coastline Tours, our passion for Tasmania and love for the North West drive us. We want every visitor to share our profound connection. Our region offers picturesque landscapes and vast coastlines. Here, you’ll meet artisans, and each sip, bite, and brew unveils Tasmania’s essence – local distilleries, wineries, and breweries. We’re avid flower lovers, celebrating unique floral wonders at community events.

Unwind, connect, and experience

Coastline Tours invites both locals and tourists for carefree outings, making new connections without driving stress. Relax as Sarah’s team guides you to enjoy the journey fully. As a local, Sarah treasures community spirit, excited to share regional delights, including vibrant floral displays at events.

Coastline Tours invites you to know us better. Led by Sarah Griffin, our experienced team's local knowledge and commitment create guided adventures that reveal the North West's scenic wonders, cultural richness, and warm community spirit.

"Let us introduce you to the best that the North West has to offer!"

We are all about our local community, produce, distilleries, wineries and breweries.

Meet Sarah Griffin: A local, hospitality expert, and flower enthusiast

Proud founder of Coastline Tours Tasmania, Sarah Griffin’s 12-year hospitality journey started on a cropping and tulip farm. Her down-to-earth personality and passion for food, beverages, and blooms led her to create a unique mini-bus service along our stunning North West coast. Her mission: an unforgettable tour experience embracing community beauty and floral wonders.

Meet Sarah Griffin: Founder of Coastline Tours Tasmania. Discover the driving force behind immersive guided tours that capture the essence of North West Tasmania's beauty and experiences.

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